Privacy Policy

By using Film Shots (“Application”) created by Oleksii Novikov (“Developer”) you (“User”) acknowledge and agree to the following Privacy Policy.

1. What data is collected

  1. No personally identifiable information of any sort will be requested by Application. If User choses to enter any such information into any of the free text fields, they do it at their discretion.
  2. If and only if User gives an explicit permission, Application will attempt to acquire and record current device location, or a reasonable approximation thereof, whenever User invokes a metadata recording function.
  3. On Android 10 and later, Application will request an “all the time” location permission. This is required if User wishes for location to be recorded when invoked from Notification drawer, Lock screen or a wearable device. Application will only exercise this permission when User invokes the function, and not in any other case. This is because when invoked in this manner, Application is considered to be in background by Android  and thus the background permission is required. 
  4. When User purchases an optional subscription via In-App Purchase mechanism, all personal and financial information is handled by Apple App Store (iOS, iPadOS or watchOS devices) or Google Play Store (Android devices), User should therefore familiarise themselves with their respective Privacy Policies.
  5. On iOS and iPadOS devices Application will record, using local storage mechanism, the date and time when User purchased, upgraded, downgraded or renewed their subscription. 

2. How the data is used

  1. Application will attempt to use the physical location coordinates it acquired to resolve the current locality, place or landmark name. For this purpose it will employ geocoding service provided by Apple (iOS, iPadOS or watchOS devices) or Google  (Android devices). User should consult their respective Privacy Policies to understand what data (apart from physical coordinates provided by Application) is used by these services and how.
  2. Application provides Export functionality that User can use to export accumulated data to either a local device storage or any of the cloud services available on their device, for example iCloud or Google Drive. By doing this User acknowledges that Application has no control over what happens to the exported data and should consult Privacy Policies attached to those devices or services.
  3. iOS/iPadOS/watchOS version offers an opt-in iCloud synchronisation functionality, where data will automatically synchronize across all user’s devices. If enabled by User, the data will be synchronized via User’s private iCloud database. This database is accessible by no one except User, or applications and/or services explicitly authorized by User . User should familiarize themselves with Apple iCloud privacy policy for details.
  4. Except for the stated above, Application will only use data accumulated by User to display to User.
  5. For the avoidance of doubt, Application will not send subscription data to any remote servers, whether operated by Developer or anyone else.

3. Changes to this Policy

  1. If any changes are made to this policy in future Application versions, User will be notified about them  explicitly.
  2. If the change affects the entire Application, User will be notified when Application launches and given an option to accept the change and keep using Application or decline it and stop using Application.
  3. If only a specific function is affected by the change, User will be notified when they attempt to invoke that function and given an option to accept the change and keep using the function, or decline it and prevent that function from being invoked util User accepts the change
  4. If the change affects an existing subscription that User purchased, they will be given a choice to accept the change, decline the change keep the subscription on old terms, or cancel the subscription altogether.