I am happy to announce that Film Shots Lightroom Plugin is now available for anyone to use

To start install Film Shots on your device or upgrade to the latest version
Get it on Google Play
Please note that Film Shots Plugin only works in ‘old’ desktop Lightroom and Lightroom Classic for both Windows and macOS, unfortunately Lightroom CC doesn’t support plugins.  

What does it do?

Very simply it imports Film Shots metadata into Lightroom catalog and stores it in a separate metadata section. This means that, if you use a digital camera to “scan” your films, Film Shots will not override the metadata produced by the camera, so that Lightroom still knows how to apply camera and lens corrections. When you export your photos, you can enable Film Shots export post-processing action and it will override EXIF of the exported photos with your film metadata. It does it using Phil Harvey’s Exiftool – a powerful command line application. You don’t need to install or run it manually – the plugin comes prepackaged with it and runs it automatically in background.


First download filmlog.lrplugin.zip then install it like you would any other Lightroom plugin:
  1. Unzip the it somewhere convenient, just make sure you don’t delete it accidentally afterwards. So probably not your ‘downloads’ folder.
  2. Open File->Plugin Manager, click ‘Add’ and point to the filmlog.lrplugin folder


Now open Film Shots app on your device, select the roll you want and export it in JSON (Lightroom Plugin) format. Download it onto your computer (e.g. from iCloud or Google Drive) and place it into the same folder where your scans are. IMPORTANT: Make sure the JSON file has the same name as your folder JSON

Apply Metadata

Now switch to Lightroom, select a photo and switch to ‘Film Shots Metadata’ section in the metadata panel Metadata Next, enter the Frame Index this scan corresponds to and select Library->Plugin Extras->Apply Film Shots Metadata Apply Now you should see your film metadata Metadata ready


And finally when you export your photos, you can tell Film Shots Plugin to override the EXIF in exported photos with your film metadata. Simply select the post-processing action in the export dialog. List on the right tells you what film metadata fields will be written to what EXIF tags. At the moment you can’t change this, but I plan to make it fully configurable Export action And here is the result Result